1. Monitor Events with Chrome Dev Tools

    When developing a web application, it can sometimes become useful to inspect an element in dev tools to see what events are attached to it. To monitor events on a particular element, the monitorEvents() function can be used. Once run, the function will write out an event object and all of its associated data to the console when the event is triggered. see the code below for more information.

  2. Iterative Changes

    Since launching the website, just over a week ago. I have been making small iterative changes to the website. In an attempt to try and improve the general user experience of the site and improve functionality. By listening to user feedback and looking at analytical data. I have been able to identify areas of the… Read More »

  3. Hello World! Welcome to ImranDesigns 2.0

    Hello and welcome to the first-ever blog on! I am a front-end developer based in Manchester, in the UK. Over the last couple of months, I have been working behind the scenes to improve the look and layout of my portfolio and would like to welcome you to the newest iteration! Please do feel… Read More »

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