Iterative Changes

Since launching the website, just over a week ago. I have been making small iterative changes to the website. In an attempt to try and improve the general user experience of the site and improve functionality. By listening to user feedback and looking at analytical data. I have been able to identify areas of the website that I felt could be improved.
For example one of the changes that I’ve made, have included adding a sidebar to the blog posts. Using a sidebar, I have been able to extract more information onto the page. At a glance, the user is now able to quickly move on to the next or previous post and see the available post categories. I have also added sharing options so that a particular post or project can be easily shared.
See this example below, The image on the left is showing the blog post as it was before. Although you do see some information relating to when the post was created, there is a lot of wasted white space. The picture on the right, however, replaces this with a sidebar that makes better use of the space. Whilst still being fully responsive.
Iterative changes made to the blog posts

Iterative changes made to the blog posts

As time goes on and the website continues to grow, there will no doubt be many more changes made to the site. I look forward to sharing these iterations with you in due course.
Thanks for reading!