Conceptual Web Design: Desi Beats

For the following project, I have designed a conceptual website called Desi Beats. The website focuses squarely on the desi music scene and is aimed at the South Asian Diaspora. With a target audience of young adults aged 18 to 25. The website aims to become the number one lifestyle brand for the desi music lovers out there. but wait what is desi music I hear you ask?

Desi Music

Desi de-si pronunciation: /’deisi/


a person of Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi birth or descent who lives abroad. Origin: via Hindi from Sanskrit desa ‘country, land’.

Oxford Dictionairies (2013)

To understand Desi music, it is important to recognise that the word Desi evolved from the term “Desh”. Which stands for ‘country’. Today the word Desi is a term used for the people, cultures, and products of the South Asian diaspora. 

Desi music incorporates bhangra music. A form of popular music associated with the Punjabi culture. Bhangra music was first introduced in Britain in the 1980s. By first and second-generation immigrants from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Forming the Punjabi diaspora, drawing from music and songs of the Punjab region. Today Birmingham is considered the hub of Bhangra Music.

The Name ‘Desi Beats’ was chosen because it gets straight to the point. The word desi has been used to enforce what the website is about and who it’s for. Whilst the ‘Beats’ refers to the ever-popular Dholki (a double-headed barrel drum). That is used in Bhangra even today. 

The Name is short, snappy and easy to remember, making it an ideal candidate for an infectious new brand. Combined with a logo of a bhangra dancer. It is hoped that the name will become instantly recognised in the sea of everyday brands. 

The Design of Desi Beats

The Desi Beats website has been designed to engage the users with the use of big, bold images and sleek fonts. Using a grid layout to disperse the information on the screen. 

Desi Beats Design Concept - All DevicesDesi Beats Design Concept - Desktop HomepageDesi Beats Design Concept - Tablet HomepageDesi Beats Design Concept - Mobile HomepageDesi Beats Design Concept - Desktop NewspageDesi Beats Design Concept - Tablet NewspageDesi Beats Design Concept - Mobile NewspageDesi Beats Design ConceptHide images

The website has been designed to make use of every bit of screen real estate that is available to it. To neatly present the content to the user in a pleasing manner. Above all, the website is functional and as a result, provides the user with a myriad of options. whether that’s listening to new music on the site, viewing the latest videos or catchup up on the news. 

The responsive nature of the website allows it to be viewed on a range of devices. Mobile devices benefit from larger touchpoints. Making it easier for the users to navigate between the different parts of the site. 

Large, bold images have been used to attract the users to a story or a new release. they also do a great job of breaking up the various types of content on the page.

Why not go and explore the designs yourself, in the images section above?