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Kids Creative is an Art and Design based educational website for children in key stage 1, aged 5 – 7 years old. The website aims to teach children how to draw with the help of multimedia, such as audio and video. This not only creates a fun way to learn but also creatively engages the children. Making them want to explore the subject further.

The website also provides the children with a range of popular image stencils. These can be downloaded, printed and coloured in at home. The children can then send in their finished drawings for a chance to be featured on the website. This gives the children, the extra motivation to create their best designs.

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To be as engaging and eye-catching as possible. Bright colours and cartoon-like vector graphics have been used throughout the site. The website has been built using HTML5, CSS3 and uses HTML5 Audio and Video. The use of these newer technologies has allowed me to build often complex features, directly into the website. Without the need for third-party plugins, such as Adobe Flash. The new HTML5 and CSS3 features are not backwards compatible. Because of this, the website has graceful degradation built-in to support older browsers. For example, an HTML5 Video can degrade to a youtube video if HTML5 is not supported.

Testing the website in Internet Explorer 9

As part of the development process, the website has been tested across many browsers. Such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. This was done to ensure cross-browser compatibility. The HTML and CSS code was also validated to ensure that it followed the W3C open standards.